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"make [food] simple and let things taste of what they are." {Curnonsky}

Whole Grains

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Today, we taught the kids about whole grains, and the energy they give us.

After explaining the 3 parts of a whole grain, the children classified grains by “Go” “Slow” and “Woah”. Then, they got to take a turn cranking a grain grinder, to turn a whole grain into flour.

The highlight of the class was probably snack time- where we got to watch an air popcorn maker transform tiny yellow orbs into large white clouds of popcorn. Each child got to choose a flavoring for their popcorn.

Check out the following book that Kaitlin and I created for the class:

4-H Day Camp 2012 Recipe Book


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A dietetic intern with a love of learning, an enjoyment of food, and a passion for people.

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