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Eating Out? Watch Out!


Because of my internship, a request was recently passed on to me to come up with nutrition information for a “Fighting the Freshman 15 and the Grad School 20” article in a local magazine.

So, I checked out some local food venues- places that students here in Morgantown are likely to visit, and came up with the following information. These are foods mostly chosen for the shock factor- and while they might be ok to choose (and perhaps share with a friend!) on occasion, these are obviously not foods that should be chosen every day.

Take a look:

Coldstone Creamery

“Gotta Have it” size of the PB&C (Peanut Butter and Chocolate) milkshake has 1750 calories and 118 grams of fat- and that’s not even counting any mix-ins!!!

That is nearly twice the number of daily grams of fat recommended (65 g) for an adult consuming a 2000 calorie diet! And as a reference, an entire gallon of skim milk contains 1440 calories (310 less than 1 milkshake).


The Grilled Quesadilla with a whole wheat flour tortilla, shredded cheese, grilled chicken, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, and fajita vegetables contains 1070 calories, and 64 g fat.
It would require about 3 hours and 45 minutes of leisure bike riding (<10 mph) for a 160 pound individual to burn the 1070 calories found in the Q-Doba’s Grilled Quesadilla described above.

Little Caesar’s

Ultimate Supreme Pizza- 1/8 of a 14″ pizza contains 310 calories, and 13 g fat.
A 120 lb individual would need to walk approximately 1 hour and 44 minutes at a 3 mile per hour pace on a level surface to use up the 310 calories contained in just one slice (1/8th of a 14″ pizza) of Little Caesar’s Ultimate Supreme Pizza (and can I see a show of hands: who eats just one slice of pizza?)

Buffalo Wild Wings 

The Ranch Chicken Wrap contains 1020 calories, and 59 g fat.
A 5′ 10″, 154-pound man would need to run/jog about 1 hour and 55 minutes (5 miles per hour) to use the number of calories found in the ranch chicken wrap. 

Jimmy Johns 


Gourmet Smoked Ham Club- 775 calories, 32 g fat
A 140 lb individual would need to freestyle swim at a vigorous pace for about 1 hour and 12 minutes to burn the number of calories in a Jimmy John’s Gourmet Smoked Ham Club sandwich
I hope you find this post interesting- and now you know a few things that you just might want to avoid if you go out to eat at any of these locations!

Author: roannamartinwvudietetics12

A dietetic intern with a love of learning, an enjoyment of food, and a passion for people.

5 thoughts on “Eating Out? Watch Out!

  1. You’re killing me with the Coldstone, Roanna! 😉 I’ve made those before, and the PB&C shake is made from chocolate ice cream, gobs of peanut butter, and cream. All the shakes are made from cream instead of milk, actually! 🙂 Makes them high-fat & high-calorie, but very delicious!

    • Hmmm… cream instead of milk. No WONDER they are so calorie-dense. Personally, I love to make myself a banana milkshake with frozen banana, skim milk, cocoa powder, and peanut butter. You’d be surprised how creamy, tasty, and sweet it is- I should blog on that sometime 🙂

  2. Wahhhhhh I love the quesadilla from Qdoba 😦 it sounds decently healthy, but I guess it really isn’t! Do you have any suggestions for some healthy Qdoba choices?

    • Great question Mary! I would go with a burrito in a whole wheat wrap, rather than the quesadilla. The cheese in a quesadilla can quickly pack on calories and grams of fat. A whole wheat grilled veggie burrito with black beans (I always suggest getting beans!), cilantro lime rice, and pico de gallo has 680 calories, and only 12 g fat. Adding grilled chicken sends it up to 870 calories and 22 grams fat, but still there’s a whole lot more vegetables and awesome nutrients in this burrito than in a quesadilla. Qdoba has a great website for calculating the number of calories depending on your add-ins. It’s fun to play around with.

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