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FNCE finished up on Tuesday, and oodles of ideas are dancing around my brain. I filled a reusable grocery bag with the handouts and information from the conference. Neatly categorized? Not so much, but available, for when I decide to revisit some of the topics that were discussed.

The conference center was overrun with dietitians- an overwhelmingly estrogen-rich population- wearing purple name badges and discussing and brainstorming and networking like it was their job.

Oh wait: it is their job.

I think one of the most beautiful roles of a dietitian is to connect people and communities with the information and resources that they need to make conscientious and healthful decisions about the food that they consume in order to maximize health.

That is a pretty broad statement, and there are a lot of avenues that this job can play out.

By the way, the opening session of FNCE featured Dean Karnazes, UltraMarathon Man. Incredibly inspiring. I had seen him featured in Runner’s World (a Rodale publication, interestingly enough) a few years ago, but it was awesome to hear him in person.

This is what Day 1 of the conference looked like for me:

“Community Influences to Enhance Childhood Overweight Interventions: Putting Research into Practice”.

• Social determinants of health lead to certain behaviors which in turn lead to health outcomes.

• We are strongly influenced by the environment in which we live.

• Additional information from the White House Child Obesity Task Force report can be found here.


“Tomorrow’s Culture Shock: What it Means for Health and Wellness”

• In 2012, there are 314 million people in the US with an average life expectancy of 78 years.

• In 2050, there are projected to be 439 million people with an 83 year life expectancy.

• The changing demographics in the future have a multitude of implications on healthcare and nutrition.


“Calling All Food Bloggers: Stay in the Game”

• It was great to learn from 2 dietitians who blog for the Food Network “Healthy Eats” blog.

• There were all sorts of tips for writing great blog posts- some of which I will try to implement in this intern blog, and others of which are probably more appropriate for a different style of a blog that I may write in the future.


“To Inflame or Not to Inflame: An Evidence-Based look at Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids”

• There has been speculation that a high Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio in foods is linked to inflammation, but this theory has been discredited according to the latest research.

• According to human studies, there is no data to suggest that omega-6 causes inflammation.

• Basically what it comes down to is that inflammation is very complex, and pinpointing the condition on one small nutrient is useless (In my mind this is a “duh” observation- although great progresses have been made in nutrition science, there are so many things yet to be discovered. Chemical and hormonal pathways in the body are incredibly interwoven, and we can’t possibly break nutrients and foods into stark black and white.)

So, that was an overview of my Day 1. I’ll save more about the conference for future posts!


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A dietetic intern with a love of learning, an enjoyment of food, and a passion for people.

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