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Resolutions and Fad Diets

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So, it’s now 2013, and a lot of people have made New Years resolutions. Here are a few of the most common:


“Lose weight” is a very common resolution- and I recommend a comprehensive lifestyle approach- including some basic principles described in my previous post on shedding weight for good

But for those who are looking to drop some pounds fast (and likely gain back the pounds plus a few extra), you could always try a fad diet. [Although I do not recommend it!].

I was just checking out BBC News, and came across this article, listing a few of the weirdest fad diets from the past century.

Fletcherism– chew your food and then spit it out before swallowing.

Tapeworm diet– just swallow a pill full of beef tapeworm cysts, and watch the pounds melt off. Ugh.

Arsenic– proposed to speed up metabolism. Hmmm… not sure I’d want to try that one either.

Lord Byron’s Vinegar diet– Drink vinegar daily and eat potatoes soaked in vinegar- a little bit of vinegar in food is fine, but the amount consumed caused vomiting and diarrhea.

Rubber– not exactly a diet, but an extreme method of losing weight: just wear rubber knickers or corsets, and you’ll sweat off excess weight. This diet came to an end when rubber was needed for World War 1.

I didn’t make any “resolutions” per se, but my goals for 2013 include defending my thesis, presenting the results at the Experimental Biology conference in Boston, finishing my Masters degree and internship, finding a job, and running a 10k.

What about you- have you made any resolutions or goals for 2013?



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