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Sprouts Day 4

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This is actually the post I should have put up last night… but after snapping photos of my sprouts I went to play soccer with some friends (a bit frigid, but fun nonetheless). I’m not a good soccer player by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoy being active with friends. And then we went “ice skating” INSIDE the student union. The problem is that the “ice” was just a plastic mat of some sort, and it wasn’t very conducive to skating. I’m a pretty decent ice skater, but I could hardly keep my balance on that surface. Oh well, it just makes me look forward to real ice skating even more.

Anyways, those are my excuses for tardiness. Now on to the real reason for this post:



There is a definitive green in the broccoli sprouts now. You may notice that a few are missing. I start to harvest my sprouts as they are growing, because I find that I can’t eat an entire crop fast enough if I wait until it is full grown. So those missing sprouts got tossed in my soup for lunch.




Mung Bean

Mung Bean

Once again, there is a patch of sprouts missing- I took a pinch of the mung bean sprouts to add to my dinner- bowl of quinoa, black beans, home canned tomato sauce, and part skim mozarella cheese. With a peanut butter cupcake with chocolate icing for dessert 🙂


Sorry that the lighting isn’t the best on these sprouts- I took the pic in a hurry.

IMG_1042Happy Saturday!



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