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Why Do Millions of Americans take Multivitamins?


Why Do Millions of Americans take Multivitamins?

Take a moment to click on the above link for an excellent article about supplementation.

The article, published yesterday on WebMD, is a good reminder that most of us really don’t need to be taking multivitamins and other supplements. The best nutrition comes from real food: with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and low-fat dairy. So eat up, but keep it real!


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A dietetic intern with a love of learning, an enjoyment of food, and a passion for people.

2 thoughts on “Why Do Millions of Americans take Multivitamins?

  1. I saw that article earlier (but didn’t read it ’til now)…it is an interesting topic! However while others pay spend $20/month on vitamins & supplements, I spend probably $0.50 a month, from all the free vitamins I got at FNCE 🙂 but for those that do put a considerable amount of money into vitamins, its probably true that its better for them to spend the money on actual fruits & vegetables or a gym membership.

    • Ditto on the FNCE deal. Perks of being a dietetics professional: lots of free reusable grocery bags, water bottles, and random product samples!!! And while I do think that supplements can be beneficial for certain populations (iron for those with anemia for instance) I completely agree that whole foods are the most important.

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