Roanna Martin

"make [food] simple and let things taste of what they are." {Curnonsky}

About Roanna

I trace my roots to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where my family has been farming since the mid-1700s. As I grew up working in the garden, and preserving and preparing food with my mother, I grew to truly enjoy the art and science of food. Along the way, I was able to spend three summers interning at two separate community supported agriculture (CSA) farms and gained experience in production and marketing of food. Through teaching cooking classes to inner city youth at the Joshua Farm, I grew in my desire to teach basic cooking skills to families using simple whole foods. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Messiah College in PA, I moved to West Virginia in 2011 to begin a combined Dietetic Internship and Masters program in Human Nutrition and Food at WVU.

I have now completed the majority of my coursework, and have begun internship rotations to learn more about the three areas of dietetics: Clinical, Foodservice, and Community. Through each one of these experiences, I will be gaining a greater understanding of the role that a dietitian can play in improving the health of individuals and communities. This blog is intended to create a space where I can reflect on what I am learning, and share those lessons with each of you. I look forward to becoming a Registered Dietitian in order to continue in my pursuit of improving the lives of individuals and communities through increasing their access to healthy, sustainable food options.


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