Roanna Martin

"make [food] simple and let things taste of what they are." {Curnonsky}

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Cool as a cuke. That’s what we talked about with a group of students in the Boys and Girls Club yesterday.

After spending the morning working on curriculum, we accompanied the youth Nutrition Outreach Instructor to a program at a local park. We talked about being “Media Savvy”- a very important theme in our world today. ┬áThese children, in grades 3-5, are bombarded daily by media messages telling them to EAT THIS or DON’T EAT THAT. In addition, there are toys in cereal boxes and other incentives to influence purchases. So we want our kids to be able to make informed decisions on their own.

Each child got to devise an advertisement for their own healthy food that they then presented to the group. We took some time to do a group physical activity, passing colored balls representing the different food groups around a circle with our elbows. This age group is a lot of fun to work with.

Thankfully it was cooler under the shade of the pavilion than in much of the area around, but still, the kids were ready to try a refreshing treat at the end of the lesson. We did a taste test to compare cucumbers that had been soaked in vinegar for a few hours with fresh cucumbers. Personally, the vinegar cukes were a bit too strong and I preferred the plain ones, but a few brave children were enamored with the tangy version.

Nothing like a great cucumber to cool off on a hot summer day!