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Directions in Dietetics: Bootcamp

I am a journaler. I like to record the happenings of my day- some exciting, others mundane. I write about feelings and significant events. From time to time I review my journals to reflect upon the things I have been learning, and the journeys that life is taking me on.

One year ago today I moved to West Virginia. I knew very little about this Wild and Wonderful state before I stuffed my car to the gills with kitchen supplies, simple furniture, clothes, 2 bushels of peaches and a host of canning jars.






I wrote in my journal on August 9, 2011, “This morning my orientation started. I am so excited for this program. I know that it won’t be easy, but I’m up for the challenge. I hope that this will stretch me and mold me as I prepare for my future as a dietitian.”

It is difficult to believe that a whole year has passed since I began this program. I’ve learned so much through my coursework, and now I am growing even more as I am completing supervised practice. 

Today I got to meet the incoming Dietetic Interns here at WVU and remember some of the “new-ness” of starting this program. I was also inspired to ramp up my efforts at social media through a presentation by another intern, which you can check out here